a) MakSol – b) MakSol Premium –

General Purpose Cutting Oil Coolant. Cutting oil for all sort of machine working operations including grinding . MAKSOL Cutting fluids provide lubrication to the cutting tool and work piece, which helps to improve the movement of the tool and reduce wear and tear on the machinery. Cutting fluids can be used as coolants, lubricants, and flushing fluids, making them a v ersatile solution for a range of metal cutting operations.

Parameter Test Method Test Method Test Results
Viscosity @ 40 °C CTM 38
Emulsion AVisual` Milky White
Emulsion Stability at 5% in 400 ppm water NA No oil separation in 24 Hrs
Cast Iron Rust Test IP 287 Pass
c) Tap 700 S –

Ultra smooth finishing tapping oil for ferrous metals. The oil does not leave any film after the tapping operation and very useful and time saving.

Parameter Test Method Test Results
Color NA Light Yellow
Viscosity @ 40 °C CTM 4
Odor NA Mild