Eco Draw 3051

Enhancing Deep Drawing and Drilling Efficiency with High Water-Soluble Lubricant Paste

Our customer, a leading metal fabrication company, faced the challenge of finding a suitable lubricant paste that would facilitate these processes on both ferrous metals and aluminum. Seeking a cost-effective and water-soluble solution, they turned to Om Engineers, who introduced them to Eco Draw 3051, an innovative high water-soluble lubricant paste designed to optimize deep draw, blanking and drilling, and more.

Customer Challenges:

1. The metal fabrication company encountered difficulties in finding a lubricant that could cater to both ferrous metals and aluminum during deep drawing, hole drilling, and similar operations.

2. Their existing lubricants were not water-soluble and proved costly in terms of both product and waste management.

3. They required a versatile and cost-effective lubricant that could be diluted with water as needed.

Our Solution:

1. Understanding the customer's specific requirements, Om Engineers developed Eco Draw 3051, a revolutionary water-soluble lubricant paste tailored to address their challenges precisely.

2. This advanced formulation provided optimal lubrication for deep drawing, blanking and drilling, and various metalforming applications on both ferrous metals and aluminum.

Customer Benefits:

1. Enhanced Efficiency in Deep Drawing and Blanking: Eco Draw 3051's high water solubility ensured smooth and efficient deep drawing and hole drilling operations. The lubricant paste significantly reduced friction during these processes, resulting in precise and high-quality metal components.

2. Versatility for Ferrous Metals and Aluminum: Eco Draw 3051 proved to be a versatile solution, suitable for use on both ferrous metals and aluminum. This versatility streamlined the company's metalworking operations, eliminating the need for multiple lubricants.

3. Cost-Effective and Dilutable: Eco Draw 3051's cost-effectiveness made it an economical choice for the metal fabrication company. Additionally, its dilutability with water provided the flexibility to adjust the lubricant concentration as needed for different applications, further optimizing resource utilization.