Cutting Oil Coolants

Defying Water Hardness Challenges for Seamless Machine Operations

Our customer, a leading manufacturing company, faced a challenge - their current cutting oil coolant was not suitable for high hardness water, causing oil emulsion separation and transferring onto the machines. This issue required frequent cleaning and maintenance breaks, hindering productivity. Seeking a solution to improve their operations, they turned to Om Engineers, who introduced them to an innovative General Purpose Cutting Oil Coolant that defied water hardness challenges.

Customer Challenges:

1. The manufacturing company encountered difficulties with their current cutting oil coolant, particularly when used with high hardness water (around 400 ppm).

2. The water hardness caused the oil emulsion to separate, leading to the transfer of oil onto the machines.

3. This resulted in operational disruptions, frequent cleaning requirements, and maintenance breaks, which impacted productivity and efficiency.

Customer Sample
Our Sample
Our Solution:

1. Understanding the customer's specific requirements, Om Engineers developed an advanced Cutting Oil Coolant explicitly designed to address their water hardness challenges.

2. This cutting coolant offered superior emulsion stability, ensuring no separation, even with high hardness water.

Customer Benefits:

1. Enhanced Emulsion Stability: The cutting coolant's advanced formulation provided remarkable emulsion stability, even with high hardness water (around 600 ppm). This ensured that the oil emulsion remained intact, preventing oil separation and transfer onto the machines.

2. Reduced Downtime and Maintenance Breaks: The stable emulsion minimized the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance breaks due to oil transfer onto the machines. This resulted in increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

3. Improved Productivity: With the Cutting Oil Coolant in place, the manufacturing company experienced improved productivity and uninterrupted machine operations, leading to enhanced overall output.